Sword Pose + Game Update

2013-03-16 01:08:12 by thumbsupguy

I submitted a gesture drawing to the art portal that I polished up a bit in photoshop. I was referencing a photo from pixelovely. It's a great resource for drawing practice if you want to learn human and animal anatomy.

Also my game is coming along right on schedule. I plan to have it up on my web portfolio when it's finished. If you didn't see my previous post, it's going to be an HTML5 game inspired by Jetpack Joyride.


Game &Sketch

2013-02-01 01:28:17 by thumbsupguy

Hey everyone,

First, I am in the process of making an HTML5 game. I'm using the impactJS engine to create a procedurally generated treadmill game similar to helicopter. I got some inspiration from Jetpack Joyride and wanted to make this game for a school project. Right now I'm working on a prototype. When that's finished I'll work on fleshing out more of the scope, details, and art. I'm pretty excited to actually finish a game project.

Lastly, I haven't been drawing too much lately and wanted to draw. So, I did some sketching today and I thought this one came out nice.


ImpactJS Game and Sketch

New Art Piece

2012-02-29 17:28:34 by thumbsupguy

I've submitted a new illustration to the art portal! This one is a fleshed out version of a figure drawing I drew.

Check it out here: Figure Drawing!

New Profile Pic

2012-02-11 03:52:13 by thumbsupguy

I just made a new profile pic. It turned out well and I'm happy with it.

Drawn in Flash CS5 with Wacom Intuos 4. ~3hours

Also, here's a doodle I did on Feb 10th below:


New Profile Pic

Art 'n Flash

2011-05-21 03:09:47 by thumbsupguy

Well, I haven't done much here on Newgrounds lately. But, to try and motivate myself I wanted to submit something. So I submitted a Flash Illustration to the art portal and it helped motivate me. Check it out HERE, and let me know what you think! I'll be doing other pieces for fun within the next week or so to keep me in the habit of working on projects. Everything that I've been doing in the past year or so has been pretty much experimenting with Flash ideas, music making, and digital painting. I've been looking for resources all around the web about all of these things. If anyone knows of any, it would help me out a lot.



The Office!

2010-10-17 21:33:34 by thumbsupguy

I haven't done much on this site for a while so I decided to crank something out that would be fun and to get me motivated to submit more. So here is THE OFFICE INTRO. Hopefully this place will be seeing more of me soon.

- Thumbsupguy

And the audio begins!

2009-09-17 00:05:43 by thumbsupguy

Alright, I have been a little unmotivated to do anything lately. My next flash project has been coming along very slowly until recently. It features a new character with new problems. I'm taking my time to try and make it as nice as I can. While I have been slowly plowing through that project I have started to make some audio for newgrounds. Using the Mac and it's awesome Garageband features sure is great. And so, the music begins...

Thumbsupguy, out!

UPDATE: I edited the name of one of of my audio pieces to "glee and prosperity" because the the title didn't quite fit content. Thanks AMTRAX91!

UPDATE 2: Wow, a year later I update the name again... I had to change the title again because it still bothered me. Now it has the title: "Island Jig".

Started Up

2009-05-23 21:00:18 by thumbsupguy

Alright, my first submission is here for all to enjoy. Puffballs United ... thanks for the ecouragement.