And the audio begins!

2009-09-17 00:05:43 by thumbsupguy

Alright, I have been a little unmotivated to do anything lately. My next flash project has been coming along very slowly until recently. It features a new character with new problems. I'm taking my time to try and make it as nice as I can. While I have been slowly plowing through that project I have started to make some audio for newgrounds. Using the Mac and it's awesome Garageband features sure is great. And so, the music begins...

Thumbsupguy, out!

UPDATE: I edited the name of one of of my audio pieces to "glee and prosperity" because the the title didn't quite fit content. Thanks AMTRAX91!

UPDATE 2: Wow, a year later I update the name again... I had to change the title again because it still bothered me. Now it has the title: "Island Jig".


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2009-09-28 02:17:26

You should prolly PM an audio Mod like Rucklo or Rig (Two I could think of off the top of my head). It's been like two weeks since you submitted your song and it hasn't been approved yet.

thumbsupguy responds:

I'll give t a try and hope for the best. And yes, it will be two weeks on wednesday...